M.W.U.G.L. Foundation, Inc.

A Non-Profit Organization

About Us

Dear Friends:

The mission of the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Foundation (MWUGLF) is to support the community at large by awarding scholarships to community members that are actively engaged in pursuing their higher education, and to provide financial assistance to those that are in need by making charitable donations to various community organizations.

We believe that investing in our youth today through education, literacy and scholarship will contribute to changing the landscape of our communities from our youth being victims of circumstances to victors in the game of life. Our organization can only achieve our goal, of supporting our community in this enormous way, with the assistance of generous donations from community organizations like yours. These programs ensure that recipients may further benefit from teachings at our institutions of higher learning and ensures that continuous research can be done to find cures for the diseases that plague our society.

For the last 10 years, we have supported at least 10 students with a $1500 academic endowment and a $500 book stipend each school year. We have set a new long term goal to increase that number to 50 students per academic year. Additionally, we have made many charitable donations to several organizations. These donations include over $60,000 awarded in scholarships, education resources and to the United Negro College Fund. Over $29,000 awarded toward medical assistance, which includes a $10,000 award to the American Breast Cancer Society and a $10,000 award to the Sickle Cell Foundation. And finally, over $23,000 was awarded to various community charitable projects and activities which includes over $4,100 awarded to the Knights of Pythagoras Youth Council for boys and Starlight Youth Council for girls. This brings our total charitable donations to date to over $112,000. Our goal is to increase our community outreach to an additional $100,000.

We would like to expand our community outreach by increasing our charitable contributions toward our programmatic funding of our various community programs with an emphasis on Youth programs and activities. In the last 10 years, we have established over 30 Knights of Pythagoras Youth Council for boys throughout the State of Florida, which provide a comprehensive youth developmental environment that will enable our young men to develop and mature as citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. Additionally, we have established over 20 Starlight Youth Council for girls, which provide real life skills training and experience through counseling with the emphasis on building a healthy self-esteem along with various educational outreach programs. We would like to expand this effort to at least 100 Knights of Pythagoras Youth Councils for boys and Starlight Council for girls.

All contributions to the MWUGL Foundation, a 501 ( c) 3 tax deductible organization, are fully deductible.

Fundraising Committee Members

Honorable Jeffery G. Jones – 19th Grand Master
Mr. Jordin T. Chandler - Chair
Mr. John Grayson – Co-Chair
Mr. Henry B. Parker - Member
Mr. Charlie Roberts – Member
Mr. Jerry Urso - Member
Mr. Juan Vega - Member